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Welcome to Pistol Safes Pro

Welcome to Pistol Safes Pro, you are invited to browse through our store and shop with confidence.

The 2nd Amendment gives every person the right to own a gun.  Along with this right is the responsibility to keep a pistol out of the hands of children and unauthorized persons.  Many states now prosecute the gun owner should a child have an accident involving a firearm.  We presently carry GunVault Pistol Safes, approved by the California Department of Justice and  SafeKing Pistol Safes carrying the highly respected CE Certification. 

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We feature a variety of GunVault  and SafeKing  pistol safes making your handgun(s) inaccessible to children and unauthorized persons.  Pistol Safes Pro provides biometric pistol safe which is a fingerprint safe.  Pistols Safes Pro also carries the electronic pistol safe which can be pre-programmed with the code of your choice.  These handgun safes are tamper proof.  When stolen there have been reports of being found abandoned and unopened.  You have a choice of sizes in both the GunVault and SafeKing Electronic Pistol Safe and the GunVault Biometric Pistol Safe.  From the standard and multi size handgun safes to the small 5lb model that will fit in your briefcase, under the seat of your vehicle  or the pistol safe that can be installed in the trunk of your vehicle.  Our selection of GunVault and SafeKing pistol safes gives you portability and easy access to your pistol and valuables even in the dark.

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